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This is in no way shape or form meant towards anyone on here

Why is asking for help so hard? And why is it so hard to tell people that I’m stressed out enough with my own stuff that I can’t deal with there stuff too? I get that she needs to vent but I feel like I’m being made to pick a side. Yes there problem is part of my stress but just crap at home my stress is kinda high. I’m not sure she understands that. I’m glad she babysat for me the other night but ugh. And then the other she… I get both of them can’t put out money to buy Rex stuff, I totally get it, I didn’t expect them to buy what we were talking about tonight, but when you tell me to get Shawn’s parents to buy it? That’s not okay. Yeah they haven’t gotten him as much stuff as them, but they also bought us groceries for a month, made sure we had some money for what we needed when they left. They don’t have enough money to buy as much stuff for him. One is on disability, the other is pretty much living from pay check to pay check. You don’t know their situation, just like they don’t know yours. I’m kinda just done. I want to just stop sending pictures of Rex to you but then I know that will just cause more problems. Urrrrrrggggggg

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I’ve gotta say I’m really glad my mother in law got me a moby wrap for my little guy because she goes home today and I know even though it’s my birthday I’m still going to be the main person taking care of him. That is fair enough especially since he’s just barely over a month old and still pretty reliant on me for food, I’m kinda the only one with the right equipment and I don’t want to supplement formula, but gosh dang it I hope that my father in law will walk the dog for me today, besides for in the morning since everyone should be here and then I can walk her without worrying about the little guy being left alone, especially while my husband is at a job interview.

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